Island Time

05 January 2017 / By ShereeLincoln
island time written on the beach - image

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Island time signifies to me that when I am on Island time is like the Jimmy Buffet Song, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere.  When people ask me why I love stand up paddle boarding (SUP) so much I tell them about a female SUP Racer who said in an interview, "I love paddle boarding because it makes me happy".  Ditto: It's a happy sport. It is also one of the fastest growing water sports, or sports for that matter. So why did I become a Paddlefit Pro Certified Coach?  Why, to spend more time on the water of course!  So call me, let's get out on the water together.  I can make it easy for you, teach you more efficient paddling and how to get better core work out --all while having fun. Spend more time on the water than in it!
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