My name is Sheree Lincoln.  I am a serial entrepreneur of sorts, having learned that sometimes we wear different hats, depending on where we live, what decade we are in and what we are passionate about. I spent 20 years as a Web Designer before I moved to South West Florida to spend more time on the water. Living on a sailboat I love to have a tribe to connect with so I started connecting with people build a team of like minded people to connect about mindfulness, fitness and nutrition.

I balance my “work” between Paddle Board Coaching and Wellness Coaching which are both health and fitness related. I give guided paddle board tours through my company Sea Dog Eco Tours coaching people to become paddle boarders and certifying SUP instructors.
I also work with a team of personal trainers, nutritionists and health coaches through my company SailAway Coaching LLC and team up with the New York firm Trainers in Transit.

As I move farther into my 60th decade I am also going to spend more time painting and focusing on art! I am the co-founder of the Crypto Native Art Collective along with my partner, and fellow artist and Native Alaskan James Kingsawin Reed.