About Sheree

Sheree Lincoln is a live aboard Sailor, Stand Up Paddle Board and Fitness Coach, a Web Designer Consultant and an Artist who paints in fluid acrylic and watercolor. She has worn a lot of different hats over the years with different careers and hobbies. She grew up in Michigan, New York and Connecticut.

eating up the ground painting- image
Eating Up The Ground

Sheree embraced her love of art back in Junior High and Majored in Art. Sheree calls her work Art on the Run. Her work includes landscapes and boats however it primarily features portraiture of wildlife, horses, dogs and cats in a contemporary and colorful style exploring their movement with the use of color and quick brush strokes.  Sheree has participated in ArtPrize of Grand Rapids twice and has been accepting portrait commissions since 2011.  She has been involved in the Visual Arts since she attended New York School of Interior Design in New York City after High School. She worked as a Commodities New Account Manager on Wall Street in the early 1980’s before returning to her Native Michigan where she worked as an Interior Decorator, then in Insurance and Real Estate (mostly out of geographical necessity) and lived on an exotic animal farm for 11 years while she raised her kids.  In 2004 Sheree decided it was time to get back to her artistic roots so she went back to School at Baker College for Web Design and opened her own Web Design company in 2004.  Around that time she also fulfilled her childhood dream of being certified as a Firefighter and worked as part paid volunteer firefighter for 4 years before she had to retire due to a back injury and spinal fusion in 2006.

Now Sheree’s favorite office is on the water. Sheree grew up boating and sailing. In 2011 she became part owner in a Northern Michigan Kayak & Canoe Outfitting business called BrassWind Landing which she helped run for 8 years. In 2012 she discovered Stand up Paddle Boarding and discovered it is amazing for your balance and your core.

In 2015 Sheree became a Certified PaddleFit Coach and in 2016 accelerated to the PaddleFit Pro Level. In 2017 she became a World Paddle Association Level II Instructor Trainer and started certifying other paddle boarders to e able to teach paddle boarding as WPA Level I Instructors. You can learn more about PaddleFit on the PaddleFit website www.paddlefitpro.com. You can take a private or semi-private Stand Up Paddle Board lesson or guides tour with WPA and PaddleFit Pro Coach Sheree Lincoln and learn how to spend more time on the water instead of in it! 

In 2018 Sheree moved to Florida full time and lives on beautiful old wood schooner, named SpiritHawk (See Sailing SpiritHawk on Facebook) with her boyfriend,  James Reed, a Native American Artist, sailor, 4th generation shipwright and owner of the company Chipwright.