Semi-Retirement Art Projects

As I embrace my 64th year in January, 2022 into I plan to focus more on art projects, sailing and paddle boarding.

The art comes into play because my boyfriend and partner,  James Reed, an Native Alaskan Artist, Sailor, and 4th generation Shipwright is retiring from boat work to focus on developing his art. We have also co-founded an art collective together for North American Indigenous Art. You can learn more at

The sailing part is easy since I live on beautiful old wood schooner, named SpiritHawk. SpiritHawk turns 50 next year! Kingsawin and I have been working on getting her ready for her celebration party. The hard part was that we have been out of the water for a year and a half living on her while we work on her in an old Florida Style Marina. It is like living in a tree house. Stay tuned for all of the before and after pictures with a video coming soon.

Learn more about James at Sheree and Kingsawin are the co-founders of the Crypto Native Art Collective™.